Restaurant in Camping Härmälä

Restaurant is closed for this summer




Within the camping area there is a pizzeria-restaurant open from early morning to late night. Come and try ready-made morning starters, enjoy calm environment, and have a coffee with a bun and try the famous pizza of the Härmälä camping. You can also take delicious meals and pizzas away. Check the Menus below.


Breakfast in Härmälä Camping


available 24.6.-15.8.2021 from 8 am to 10.30

  • white bread, rye bread (also gluten free)
    • ham, cheese and vegetables
  • fruit
  • boiled egg
  • coffee/tea and juice


7,50€/person bought in advance
8,50€/person from the restaurant

Changes in the menu are possible.


The pizzeria-restaurant has for children a small playground, as well as a billiard table. There is also a free wifi in the restaurant. There will be also organized games and programs for small family members, for example, bingo with candies.

At our sunny terrace you can enjoy things which belong to summer: sparkling drinks and ice-cream. 

Pizza oven is closed one hour before closing time. Selling of alcoholic drinks ends half an hour before closing time.