Things to do in Camping Heinäsaari

Equipment rental and other services


Free and fun activity for the whole family when you stay overnight at Heinäsaari Camping. 😊

There are four different DiscGolf fields in Heinola. One of them is only 800 m from Heinäsaari Camping, near the Kumpeli Spa.

You can find the other fields around the area of Kippasuo. More information at

How does it work:

  • There are forms available in the Café, fill one up in advance:
    • You need names of your friends or family 
    • Give the number of your cottage/caravan/tent
  • Give the form back to the reception

Go for it: Every day 12:00 – 16:00 (June-August), playing time 2 hours.

By signing the form, you promise to return the equipment and handle them with care.

Lost and broken discs will be charged for. 

Map and rules á 1 €. You cannot book the discs in advance.

SUP Boards


12 € / 1h
20 € / 2h
60 € / 8h
80 € / 24h
150 € / weekend (48h)

Paddle and life jacket are included in the prices.

Please be prepared to prove your identity.


3 euros for a game per person
Little fuss with a lot of fun for the whole family!

Bicycle rent

2 euros per hour,

5 euros per 3 hours,

10 euros per over 5 hours

Return by 10 p.m. Use for less than half an hour is free.

The parent is always responsible for the renting.


The lake around Heinäsaari Camping is called Ruotsalainen. The current through the lake is very strong and keeps the water clear.

Fish found in Lake Ruotsalainen: Lake trout and lake salmon, rainbow trout, graylin, pike perch, white fish, pike and perch.

Licenses: State license (R-kiosk) + local license sold at Heinola Camping reception.

Rent a rowing boat

Boat 5 euros per hour
Day rent from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 20 euros
24 hours rent (return by next day at 12 p.m.) 30 euros/24 hours
Week rent (return by 8 p.m.) 120 euros/7 days

The rent includes a life jacket.

During the rent time you are obliged to follow the instructions given by the personnel and other water safety rules.


The grill gazebo is situated at the centre of the camping site area in close proximity to the beach. Do not forget to follow safety requirements, especially if there are children around.

The grill is closed to maintain silence during night time from 11 p.m. till 6 a.m.

You can buy firewood from reception.

Bag of wood costs:

  • 2 € when you are staying overnight in the camping area 
  • 3,50 € for visitors 


The billiard table has been moved to the Café, so you can play even if it is raining cats and dogs.

1,50 euros per game.


There is a playground for children, a volleyball net and a dartboard (you can get darts at the Café).

Lots of free board games and books for rent at the Café.