Registration data


Owner’s registration data
Suomi Camping Oy
registration number: 2332771-9

Postal address
Haapaniemenkatu 7-9 B
00530 Helsinki

Contact person
Mira Bösch

Register name
Suomi Camping Oy Internet-kauppapaikan asiakasrekisteri

Aim of personal data processing
Work with Clients and booking processing

Register information content

  • Client’s name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Language used
  • Service booked
  • Quantity
  • Order payment type
  • Type of data submission at order
  • Order status

The register includes personal data of the Clients registered via the website.

Information sources according to the rules

The Client’s own application, as well as booking systems of the Suomi Camping Oy Company.

Clients’ registration data are not disclosed or transmitted.

Principles of register protection
Registration data are not stored on paper. The computerized system is safely protected from the external firewall and password-protected. Registration data are used only by people whose activity is associated with their use. The register is protected by a login and a password. All users are obliged not to disclose the information. Granting rights to use the register and controlling it are tasks done by a special person.