Saunas in Yyteri Resort & Camping

Family sauna

There is a family sauna that can be booked for private use. 

  • three showers
  • a spacious dressing room
  • a terrace
  • a pier

The cost of the family sauna is

  • 30 euros Sauna 1 per 50 min
  • 25 euros Sauna 2 per 50 min

During the celebration of Juhannus: 30 euros per hour

Public sauna for women and men from 25.6. until middle of August is available for our guests without extra cost.

Private sauna Ankkuri

On the shore of the Ruutujärvi lake there is a good private sauna, Ankkuri.

In a private sauna you can have a successful official meeting or a relaxed festive occasion. The space suits well, for example, to spend a recreational or a graduation day.

The private sauna and room with fireplace are for groups and the space is max for 12 people.

Ask for an offer for your celebration!

Winter-time speciality!

Do You want to try something extra ordinary and at the same time try something very traditional? Try swimming at the winter time! Ice-dipping is a very famous Finnish tradition, which pampers your health and relaxes your whole body!